Year 8 – Integrated Business Scenarios

Pupils in Year 8 have just completed an Integrated Business Scenario. In order to make the work relevant they have spent the term planning a school fete. The aim of the project was to revise the use of several of the Office applications and to use them in a more realistic and meaningful way.


We started by researching possible fete attractions and fete stalls using the constraints of location and cost to limit our choices. These ideas were presented as a Word document so that other pupils could see and comment upon the choices. At this point we needed to decide the theme for the fete and to decide whether it was to be run as a cheap fun day, as a fund raising event or a mixture of both.


We used Excel to calculate the costs involved in both the hiring of attractions and the expense of running the stalls. From this information we were able to calculate a price per go for our attractions and to predict the possible profits from the fete according to certain given scenarios.


We used Publisher for all of the marketing materials from the posters to the Grand draw tickets. We also produced a Powerpoint presentation to advertise our fete.


Using Access we produced a database of names and addresses for the committee members, stall holders and suppliers. We used Word to produce mail merged letters to each of the different groups.


The actual school fete takes place on the 17th May 2009. We will be interested to see how our plans and ideas match up to the real thing.

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