The 200 Club

The 200 Club Friends of Copthorne (FOC) Parent Lottery is a great way to help the school particularly this year as we are supporting the Astro Appeal.

All you have to do is complete the form (left hand column) and pay £60 per annum by bank transfer or via PayPal (£60 + £2 fee) for 12 draws. The PayPal link is also in the left hand column. This buys you one membership number (your number/s will be between 1 and 200 which we will allocate), which enters you into the monthly draw. As a private lottery, we are only open to past and present families and staff at Copthorne Prep School and you must be over 16.

The monthly winner will receive £100 with details being published in the first newsletter of every month. The remaining will go to the FOC contribution to the Astro Appeal.

200 Club Lottery Terms & Conditions

  • The object of the Lottery is to raise funds for Copthorne Prep School Astro Appeal.
  • The Lottery will be run under the supervision of Chris Jones and Carole Kinnear (FOC) who will administer the Lottery.
  • The Lottery is open to all past and present families and staff of Copthorne Prep School.
  • Members must be 16 or over.
  • Members must fill in the application form online.
  • Entry will be an annual subscription of £60 per number per year.
  • When paying via PayPal, a £2 fee will be applied to your annual entry fee.
  • If paying by a bank transfer, please contact for the bank details. The bank details are also listed on your confirmation email.
  • Members may have more than one entry.
  • The draw will be monthly on the first Friday of each month.
  • The monthly prize will be £100.
  • We will contact the winner for bank payment details to arrange the transfer of winnings. The name of the winner will be published via the school newsletter (first Friday of each month) after the draw. (If winners don’t wish to have their name publicised, then please contact
  • All subscribers are required to complete the sign up form, to ensure the Lottery has the correct contact details.
  • Registers will be kept recording the name and address of each member, the number(s) allocated to them and the subscriptions received from them.
  • Unless otherwise advised, a member will be deemed to have left the Lottery if his or her renewal of subscription remains unpaid for a period of one month.
  • Participants can cancel their entry in the lottery at any time by giving one month’s written notice to the administrator (if paying by standing order, they should advise their bank). Any decision to wind up the  Lottery will also be by one month’s written notice. Under no circumstances can any payments be refunded.
  • If a winner cannot be contacted, the winnings will remain with FOC after 6 months of the draw date.
  • Once an application has been accepted by the FOC, all participants agree to receive emails for the purposes of notifications related to the Lottery Fund.
  • All data held on each lottery participant will be held securely and will only be used by FOC for purposes of the lottery. No data will be shared with any other third party.
  • Please inform us of any changes to your details by emailing

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