This week the U8’s went to Great Walstead. We went into field first, and at times it wasn’t our best fielding. The girls were making silly mistakes. I think the nerves got to them! Zara bowled well and Amelie was focused as back stop, she read the game well and even threw the ball to Marwa on 4th post to stop the runners. Amreet backed up Ellie on 2nd well. The deep fielders had to be awake all the time, because Walstead had a few girls that could hit the ball far. Keira did some lovely fielding when the ball came to her, and she was able to throw the ball nicely to Marwa to stop the girl from getting a rounder. Great Walstead scored 6½.

It was our turn to bat and everyone managed to score at least ½ or a whole rounder in the first innings. Keira and Amreet got 1 and Isabelle got 2 rounders. At times the girls watched where the ball was well, but at times they just ran and were getting out very easily. We scored 9½. After a quick team talk about our fielding in the first innings. we went into field again. In this innings Ellie and Amreet both stumped girls out, the girls were a little more aware of what was going on this time. The girls fielded much better this was clear as Great Walstead didn’t get any whole rounders, they only got ½’s.

Great Walstead’s fielding also improved in the second innings, as Amelie was the only one to score a rounder. We got to second most of the time in this innings scoring a ½ most times. Well done girls!

We need to remember to run fast around the posts, and not jog!  LJ