Students with headteacher

Driving to school arrangement

18th September 2020

Please can I remind you all about our driving-to-school arrangements after 8.00am:

1. All school vehicles should approach the school from the Duke’s Head end via Mill Lane.

Please do not drive up from the Curious Pig.

2. As many cars as possible should exit down Effingham Lane to the Curious Pig to turn left only. It is

possible to return to Copthorne, Crawley, M23, Horley, Balcombe Road, Maidenbower, and Three

Bridges etc. via this route. Please DO NOT turn right by the Curious Pig as it is a particularly difficult


3. Cars returning towards the Duke’s Head along Mill Lane should take great care and give way to cars

approaching the school by the bend close to the junction with West Park Road, where we have erected

a road sign to remind you. Please do not attempt to travel around the bend (which is essentially only

wide enough for 1 car) unless you know there is space for you to wait at the other side by the junction.