Students with headteacher

New Bubbles

9th November 2020

Our new smaller bubbles seem to be working well; thank you for your support and kind messages
regarding the additional steps we have taken to try to keep everyone safe. The children constantly
amaze us with their resilience and ability to adapt. Although the additional duties and roles are
considerable for all the staff – from serving lunch off trolleys to cleaning the play equipment after every
breaktime and ‘touchpoints’ several times each day – the laughter and positivity from the children make
it all worthwhile!

Kiss & Drop: Year 2 & Nursery at the gate
Year 1 into the Courtyard
Reception at their ‘end’ of the car park

Collection: If your child is not in their classroom, they may be outside in the playground! After 4.30pm,
Year 1 parents can ring the front door bell, Year 2 parents can ring the Staff white door bell from the
car park, which will ring in the Assembly Room.