Remembrance Day

15th November 2021

Peace is our gift to each other…
As a community we need to take a little time once in a while to remind ourselves of the values that we hold true and live by. This week of remembrance allows us to stop and consider the plight of others whose lives are affected by conflict. We reflect upon the concepts of service, community, endeavour and integrity.
We marked our Remembrance yesterday outside the chapel. It was an opportune time to pause and acknowledge the ultimate sacrifice that members of this school community had given in all wars so that future generations could enjoy freedom and peace. No glorification, but a clear acknowledgement of the integrity of those who are willing to defend the rights of others when all alternative other means have been exhausted.
Much of the value of remembrance is in the lessons that it teaches our children in shaping their attitude to the resolution of disputes and to the avoidance of conflict. If through the wearing of poppies we achieve a more peaceful world then our service of remembrance will have been worthwhile indeed.
As a world community, and as a community here at school we all need to remember that peace is our gift to each other.