Students with headteacher

First Day at Le Lac Mimizan

5th June 2017

Made very good time overnight so are now only 15 minutes away from Mimizan! Donald is looking forward to coffee and bacon! Children all wide awake and operating at full volume. DT has taken over as the loudest and noisiest!

Safely arrived in resort! Coffee but no bacon! Donald is disappointed!!

Children all out on the water now! They are supposed to be windsurfing but there is no wind and no surf! They are standup paddle boarding instead, which is another fairly inaccurate description as when most of them stand up they fall in! SD was the first to get wet!

MJ has had a shower but the water was cold – not impressed!!!

No sleep, no bacon for breakfast, no hot water but at least the sun is shining!

Group kayak this afternoon – all experienced paddlers, so the instructor was very impressed. ZC was also very impressed with the instructor who was a MMA fighter allegedly! He certainly had some muscles as MJ noticed!

Water in the showers is still cold so quick showers are the order of the day. Everyone has been well and truly dunked in the lake so I know they are all clean! ZC sporting a top knot.

Down time now until supper at 7.00pm. I wonder what they will get up to!!!!

All our children were chilling on the beach when the staff from another school shouted that they had tent inspection in 5 minutes. They all scurried into their tents to get tidying before they realised that Copthorne were not doing an inspection. LOL!!! Chicken curry tonight! Donald is looking forward to it!!

Donald has just had to wake up WF, FH and KE for supper as they were well and truly in the land of nod! After a night of little sleep followed by a day on the water, I can understand how they feel!! Donald is a little tired too!! All the boys who did not get much sleep last night are really struggling! Girls and some boys are fine, but some are like the waking dead!