Students with headteacher

The Journey Home

9th June 2017

All showered, some put dirty clothes back on, all packed – well tents are empty but I cannot guarantee that all the boys have got all their stuff in their cases! Coach is loaded! We have enjoyed our last supper, nachos with dips followed by fajitas. BS had a nacho fajita!

All the children received certificates and NH was voted the Rockley Star of the Week for being the most enthusiastic and willing to have a go at everything! Very well deserved! We have said all our goodbyes and have now departed the resort!

Next stop Calais!

ZR having separation anxiety because I won’t let him bring his orange home – he’s threatening to sue! I think he is just taking the pith!!!!

We have watched “Bruce Almighty” and “The Bourne Ultimatum” and now it is time for sleep. Copthorne children behind Donald are all quiet but Canterbury girls, sitting in front, who have hardly spoken all week, have finally found their voice. Donald’s angry voice may have to come out if they don’t settle down soon!

Donald is relieved that “The Canterbury Tales” were short- all is quiet behind and in front – let the snoring commence!

0521 just arrived at Calais. Passports all distributed, lets hope they allow everyone through! NK went through passport control wearing only one shoe as he had lost one! All found now! Grumpy man at the ticket office refused to allow us to get an earlier ferry, so we now have 1 1/2 hours on the dock waiting for the 7.45 am ferry! Donald (and the drivers) are very frustrated, An extra 1 1/2 hours with tired bored children is going to be a joy!! Miracle! A very nice man from P&0 drove over and told us we can get an earlier coach! Donald (and the drivers) are very happy!!!

Donald has had breakfast and coffee and feels almost human again! The Bank has been emptied by some who wish to spend unwisely, whilst other are savvy savers! The group from inner London, who were at our  Rockley site, are on the same ferry, so friendships are being rekindled!

There are about 8 other coaches on the ferry, full of hungry children so it is very busy. Fortunately, Donald is an experienced traveller so got Copthorne to the front of the queue as soon as we got on the ferry!! We had all eaten before the ferry left the dock!

Good morning! Estimated arrival time at School is 9.45am – 10.00am.

Driving to Canterbury now watching “the Knights Tale” – one of the original “Canterbury Tales” if Donald remembers his O Level English!