Trip to Sadler’s Wells London

In the first week of term a group of Year 7 and 8 pupils and five members of staff went into London to watch what are arguably the best Flamenco guitarist and some of the best dancers of this genre. The show was only on for a couple of nights and that evening was the penultimate one. It was clear from the onset that this show demonstrated how intense and passionate this style of music and dancing can be. The décor on stage was monochrome and the tone quite sombre and intense and this made the music stand out more. It was wonderful to see how the rhythms of both Flamenco and Latin American music differed yet complimented each other.
. It was fantastic to hear how impressed the boys were with the male flamenco dancing and how pupils had identified the differing beats and rhythms.
The second half promised more colour and gaiety and it was a pity that the show was running over as I think the finale would have been incredible. However as with all creative things, time is elusive and we were told that the show could run on till very late. Although we were all disappointed to leave I think pupils came away with not only a small taste of cultural Spain but also a thirst for more.
These types of trips are important as it provides pupils with an opportunity to see that language learning isn’t confined within the classroom; it isn’t just about grammar and vocabulary but also about the culture that surrounds it.

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