This week in Pippins class we have been making some yummy looking lolly pops and ice creams. We used tissue paper collage to stick on the lolly pops and cotton wool and paint to make some delicious Neapolitan ice cream cones! Almost as good as the real thing!

Acorns children had a surprise on Monday morning when they arrived to find the role play area changed into an aeroplane! We had lots of fun flying around the world, choosing our plane food and taking turns to be the pilot. We have also been learning about the big 5 animals in Africa and have collaged our favourite one!

We then turned our attention to Australia and have made some finger painted spotty boomerangs. Oaks have been painting another self- portrait to compare against the one they painted back in September. It has been very interesting to see how they noticed small details this time, like lovely long eyelashes and eyebrows! We have also been making the most of the hot weather with lots of water and outside play.