Students with headteacher

A Duathlon & A Triathlon!

18th May 2018

We finished the week with all children from Oaks to Year 2 taking part in either a Duathlon or Triathlon! EYFS children scooted around the tennis courts 2.5 times, showing wonderful balance, great speed and no fear; the run was much longer than previous years, but the children all completed the course, puffed out but proud! The Triathlon stretched the Years 1 & 2 children, but all rose to the challenge and swam, cycled and ran their way round with determination and perseverance … showing that 5 months of Daily Miles has paid off in terms of fitness! Thank you to Mrs Parker and Miss Heasman for the organisation, to the children for competing so brilliantly and to the parents who were able to come and support the events.