Bear Hunts and Royalty!

The younger Nursery class have been going on a bear hunt this week as part of their Story-book topic this term. They have each collaged a 3d bear and have been talking about all the different types of weather in the story. They have been out in the woods finding bears on their own and they were all very brave pretending to discover scary caves!

The older children have been learning about England this week. We have been looking at pictures of our Queen and Buckingham Palace and have started to learn the words to the National Anthem. We have been painting portraits of Her Majesty and have even written a letter to her to which we are excitedly awaiting her reply … watch this space!

Please do have a look on the board in the classrooms where there is a list of all the countries we will be learning about this term. If you happen to have any pictures, souvenirs or anything you think would be of interest, please do bring it in to share with us!

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