Students with headteacher

Bears and a “Frozen” theme!

17th January 2016

A big welcome to our new children: Niam in Mrs Powley/Mrs Lumley’s class and Rory, Ethan and Farah in Miss Henke’s class!

The Younger Nursery children have begun their Favourite Stories topic and are reading ‘The Bear Hunt’ this week. We have made some fluffy 3D Bears for our beautiful class display and have been powder painting and mixing colours and shades.

We have been talking about all the different weathers the Bear family go through as they hunt and have been on a little bear hunt adventure ourselves!

The Older Nursery children have been continuing with the ‘Frozen’ theme. They have been investigating what happens to water when it is put in the freezer. They have made some lovely Olafs which are displayed around the class and have also made some yummy snowmen biscuits using marshmallows. They have also been busy building igloos using sugar cubes!