All the Nursery children have been getting in the festive mood this week!  Pippins have made a Christmas grotto and the children have had lots of fun hiding and reading Christmassy stories inside together. Acorns have been marble rolling some shiny baubles for their Christmas cards, collaged some bright Christmas trees and had fun playing in the tuff spot small world snow scene.  Glitter is the order of the day in Oaks, with cards, calendars and writing important letters to Father Christmas!

Nativity rehearsals are in full swing and the children are learning actions to accompany the songs. Thank you for all the wonderful outfits, the children are getting very excited and can’t wait to put them on for the dress rehearsal on Monday! If your child does not attend Nursery on a Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday, please bring them in at 9.15am and collect them from the Nursery at 11.40am.