Year 3 enjoyed a visit from the David Shepherd Foundation where they learned a lot about animal conservation and then made their own colourful artwork based on endangered animals.

The Sponsored Swim before half term showed very clearly just how determined and resilient Copthorne children of all ages can be (sponsor money due in please!) and Copthorne has also shown its “caring” side in the last few weeks with support for Crawley Open House through our Harvest Festivals;  Remembrance Day and the Royal British Legion; Christmas Shoeboxes for children in other parts of UK and Europe who would receive nothing if it were not for the shoeboxes that your children have donated; Children in Need (over £400 donated); the cake sale last Friday raised £190 for Unicef (thanks to Bethany, Talia, Eloise, Tianna, Pippa, Jemima, Sophie and Arrow).

On Thursday, Annabelle took Assembly to raise awareness about the plight of the orangutans whose habitats are being destroyed at an alarming rate by the increasing demands for “palm oil” that can be an ingredient of anything from peanut butter and chocolate to shampoo. Her call to action was to resist buying products containing palm oil as “our food should not cost us our environment”.

These typically Copthorne attributes of determination, resilience and  perseverance together with a kind and caring attitude to all things, makes me feel proud that we are influencing this generation to be good, socially responsible citizens who can achieve whatever they want to achieve in the future, and just as importantly, make a very positive difference to the world!