The snow this week has been so exciting for the children in Pippins class. We have been outside making snow angels and looking at our footprints in the snow. We have also found time to make some beautiful jellyfish using lots of different materials and used icing sugar and paint to decorate tropical fishes.

Acorns class have also found the snow extremely exciting and we joined Pippins to make snow angels and footprints around the tennis courts. We have been finger painting bright flowers, glittery stars and sticking feathers on owl pictures whilst enjoying the story ‘Wow said the Owl’.

Oaks class have been reading the stories of Hansel & Gretel and The Three Little Pigs. They created a colourful house made with sweet wrappers and a path of pebbles out in the woods leading back to the nursery. We also left a trail of breadcrumbs but were certain the birds would have eaten them by next week!

It was too cold to spend all morning out in the woods this week so we had ‘Indoor Forest School’ and made some houses out of straw, sticks and bricks inside for our Three Pigs to live in.