Forestry Skills

The children in the younger and older classes have been expanding their forestry skills this week by making popcorn around the campfire with Mr Lee! 24 boys and girls sat on the benches whilst Mr Lee built and lit the fire with a ‘dragon sneezer’ and then listened to the sound of the corn popping. It was delicious and enjoyed by all and Daisie commented “we made Popcorn Prep with Mr Lee”!

Poetry has been the order of the week, with all the children creating their own little verse on the  subjects of the seaside, the farm, the zoo and a day at Nursery. Luis’ poem was most entertaining and included a line about him catching and eating a crab for lunch! The poems are to be entered into a competition with the top prize of £1000 to be spent on new resources for the Nursery as well as a published winning poem – we await the results with excitement!

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