Students with headteacher

Getting ready for Sports Day, but in the meantime …

13th June 2016

Best day of the week? – Tuesday – playing in the rain! (until the outdoor classroom flooded – which was of course incredibly exciting!)

The Younger Nursery have moved on to their Summer theme. We have been painting paper plates yellow, drawing around our hands on different shades of orange paper and then attaching them together to make beautiful suns. We have also been finger painting some bright beach ball pictures.

The Older Nursery have been very busy carrying on with their RWI topic; they have painted some beautiful portraits of the Queen and made some lovely looking lollypops. They have been looking at x-rays and examining skeletons and also made robots using cereal boxes.

We have been busy preparing for Sports Day, lots of practising our running, jumping and balancing and are very excited for Moving up morning next Tuesday.