The children in Pippins class have been busy making some lovely surprises for their mummies this week. We painted pasta and made some very elegant necklaces using our very good lacing skills and used a handprint to make a turtle card that ties in beautifully to our ‘Under the Sea’ theme. Happy Mother’s Day to all of our lovely Pippins mummies!

Acorns class have also been busy making surprises: we decorated a lovely teacup and have used tissue paper to make beautiful flowers. We have been reading 10 Little Dinosaurs and enjoyed exploring the different patterns dinosaur feet made when put in paint. We also used hammers to free dinosaurs from ice and eggs in the tuff spot! Happy Mother’s Day to all our lovely Acorns mummies too.

Oaks have been very busy this week getting ready for Mother’s Day. We have been painting pictures of our mummies to hang in the chapel for the service with some lovely coloured clothes chosen; it’s amazing how many mothers have round noses, but better than having green hair and four legs!

Look out for your special treat in your child’s red bag – not to be opened until Sunday of course!