The art of conversation is interesting at this age…….

The students are getting used to me now. Those that have opted to take extra sessions know how the start goes….

Jenny: “and how are you today?”

Student: (99% of the time say…) “good”


Jenny: “and what type of good is that good?”

Student: (looking at me as if I have two heads) …”normal”

Jenny: “…ahhh….and a good that is normal. And what kind of ‘normal’ is a ‘good’ that is ‘normal’?”

Student: “well I have Drama today, which I love and it’s garlic bread at lunch which I also love, and yesterday I got a good Maths test result…..” And so on.

So, by sticking with a question, use their words back at them, ‘digging’ a little deeper, and not necessarily accepting their first answer as the final answer … we get more colour and detail about a child’s life.

This is a methodology called Clean Language and I use it with the students who come to see me and are learning to use the simple questioning back at me so we are heading towards a two-way convo. Smart.

Why not try these questions with your kids:

“what kind of (x/y/z)…?”

“is there anything else about (x/y/z)…?

Jenny Tower, Life Coach