Helping our School to run smoothly!

The children in Mrs Powley’s and Mrs Lumley’s classes have been talking about the many people who help to keep our school running smoothly! On Tuesday we went on a walk around the school and the children said hello to Matron and learnt about the work she does. We then went onto the kitchens and said a big thank you to Karen, our school cook, for all the yummy lunches she makes us. We also saw the ladies in the school office, Ray our caretaker, Jimmy and Richard on their tractors and Mrs Swadling and Maria busy working in the Pre-Prep office. We ended the tour in Mr Jones’ office where, when asked what the children thought Mr Jones did, Connie replied: “tell people off!”    We continue on with this topic next week when we will be learning how to keep our Nursery clean and meeting Agnese who works so hard sweeping and mopping up all the mess we make!  We will even be doing a bit of cleaning ourselves so she may be able to have the night off!

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