Learning all about Africa

This week the older Nursery children have been learning all about Africa. They are able to point it out on the map and according to Harry, “Africa is a consonant!” Both classes have decorated a map of Africa with sand and stuck on some animals and

Mrs Powley’s class have made the flag of Cameroon as this is where Vanessa comes from. Mrs Lumley’s class have concentrated on the wonderful story ‘Handa’s Surprise’.

We tasted the seven delicious fruits that Handa put in her basket to take to her friend Akeyo in the next village and we made a big bar-graph to see which fruit was the most popular amongst the class. We also re-enacted the story where the children had to pretend to be all the naughty animals who each stole a piece of fruit from the basket being carried by Handa on her head. Every child embraced the story and has learnt an enormous amount about Africa and its many cultures and traditions!

Miss Henke’s class have been learning the colourful story ‘The Rainbow Fish’ this week. This lovely tale is all about the importance of sharing and the children have obviously been listening as they have been playing beautifully all week!

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