London and Gruffaloes!

The older Nursery classes have been learning more about Queen Elizabeth and London. We have made some brightly painted London buses with moving wheels and have learnt all about the Tower of London. Did you know people say that if the ravens were ever to fly away from the Tower it would fall to the ground? On Tuesday we were lucky enough to have a traditional English cream tea. The children enjoyed a cup of tea along with a scone with clotted cream and jam … some children loved the treat whilst others were happy to have their toast the next day! Next week we will be talking about Australia. If anyone has any interesting souvenirs, we would very much like to borrow them!

Meanwhile in the younger class there have been little Gruffaloes everywhere! The children made Gruffaloes with moving limbs and have made a display in which all the children have helped to decorate the characters from the story. On Wednesday they made some special ‘Gruffalo crumbles’ which we hope were enjoyed by all the family … they looked delicious!

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