This week Pippins class have made some lovely turtles using paper plates and tissue paper. We watched turtles swimming on the computer and enjoyed playing with hair gel and glitter with the fishes in the tuff spot.

This week Acorns class have been singing ‘Miss Polly had a dolly’. We have turned our role play area into a doctor’s surgery full of babies! We are a class obsessed with babies as we have a number of expectant mums! We have been matching laminated numbers to the numbers on telephones as we pretend to call the doctor. We also had a lot of fun seeing the fire engine that came to visit Oaks class.

Oaks class were delighted to welcome the firefighters from Crawley station this week as part of their theme ‘People Who Help Us’. The children were told how important it is to have a smoke alarm in every house and also the importance of making sure they have their seat belts on in their cars. They were then allowed to sit in the cabin and have a turn at squirting the water from the hose reel.

Pancakes were also made with the children helping to mix the mixture and the teachers attempting to cook and flip them!

Next week we have a visit from a dentist on Tuesday 12 March so  any non-Tuesday children are invited in at 8.45am, to be collected again at 9.45am.