Students with headteacher

Natural World Experience

12th February 2016

copthorne-prep-nurseryWe were delighted to welcome Paul and Lesley from Natural World Experience this week. The children had a wonderful time taking turns to hold the creatures and finding out a little bit more about each one. Handling cockroaches, a giant moth and a huge stick insect came naturally to most of the children, and the African land snail and bearded dragons were particular favourites!

Everyone bravely held the tarantula and colourful corn snakes and we were able to look at, but not touch, turtles, tortoises and scorpions.

Miss Henké held and kissed a giant bullfrog in the hope it would turn into a handsome prince, alas it did not!

Having donned our wellington boots to go out on a bug hunt and armed with a little pot each, we climbed through the trees, dug under the leaves and searched high and low for bugs. We managed to find some woodlice, a millipede and a baby snail and had just as much fun jumping in every muddy puddle we could find!

We wish all the Nursery a lovely half term week!