Welcome back to a lovely sunny beginning of the Summer Term. Please remember to bring a hat and sun cream in the hotter weather!

Pippins would like to welcome Phoebe, Euan, Zachary, Reuben, Zara, Tanmay and Dylan to our class this term. We have already been busy painting, gluing and collating for out Turrets and Tiaras topic. Lots more fun to come!

Acorns class were very excited to find out that the home corner had turned into a castle during the Easter Holidays and they have had great fun hosting banquets with their friends. We have been using wet sand as cement to build our own towers and have been painting using building bricks.

Two knights in shining armour welcomed the children back to Oaks class and we also welcomed the sunshine this week which has meant lots of fun play in the outdoor classroom.

We have started to learn our Read, Write Inc. sounds and have painted some sandy Sleeping Beauty pictures, marbled rolled a picture of a maiden and made some arrows which we threw on the field.

Sun hats should be kept in the childrens’ trays as well as a named water bottle, which will be emptied and filled up by the teachers each day.