Students with headteacher


7th February 2020

Pippins and Acorns made some little igloos to keep the fairies and elves warm this week! We also enjoyed seeing so many different insects and creepy crawlies when Tom’s Talking Reptiles came to visit. Oaks have been enjoying learning how doctors and nurses help to keep them healthy. They were delighted to have Dr Minkah (Jaydon’s mum) in to talk to them and show them some different medical instruments. They enjoyed listening to each other’s hearts with a REAL stethoscope rather than the plastic ones in their role play areas! Wooden spatulas were also used in each other’s mouths to look down their throats. Doctor Vicky reminded them of the importance of washing hands after visiting the toilet and before eating. She also talked about healthy eating and exercise. After the visit the children made their own individual ‘Doctor’s bag’ and a chart on how to wash their hands correctly. At Francis Court this week, the children and residents decorated an ambulance picture with shiny paper and played a ‘People Who Help Us’ bingo game.