Students with headteacher


28th February 2020

Acorns and Pippins have started their jungle theme! The children were thrilled to find the new jungle jeep and tent and all of the animals to play with. We made paper plate tigers and elephants and some amazing paper chain snakes. In Forest Fun we searched for multicoloured snakes and read snake stories and we made some jelly with snakes hidden inside. Oaks classes have been busy learning all about looking after their teeth and were keen to tell us about their own visits to the dentist. They decorated a gigantic tooth mask and toothbrush with gems and completed an activity that made them think which foods are good for their teeth and which are not……to start with, the children thought they had to decide which ones they liked to eat rather than which ones they thought were healthy! The favourite activity was making a pair of teeth using small marshmallows and icing sugar although it wasn’t so good for their teeth….! The week ended with a very informative visit from a dentist (Yr 3 Mahi’s mum).