Nursery generosity –

Last week, the Nursery children were invited to take part in a ‘Guess the Number’ competition to raise money for children hit by drought in Africa.  Each child was asked to bring in £2.00 and in total we raised £56.30 (with one of the children bringing in 30p from her own money box).  This money has been sent to Save the Children.  The two winners of the competition were announced on Friday – congratulations to Mitzie and Minnie who both received a soft toy as a prize.  Leading up to the competition, the Nursery staff took the opportunity to talk to the children about how their money would be used and how important it is not to waste food and water.  We are also  looking forward to a visit next week from Kaltun Hassan, an ex-Copthorne parent, who works with the United Nations in Kenya and Somalia, ensuring that the stories from the famine struck areas are published and broadcast as widely as possible.  Thank you to all the parents who took the time to read the letter and to send their children in with £2.   We hope you will agree the money has gone towards a very worthy cause.

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