Nursery News – Spring Term 2017 – Week 1

14th January 2017

A big welcome back to all the children in the Coach House Nursery! We hope you had a lovely Christmas and New Year. Everyone has come back to school full of energy and exciting stories of their Christmas holidays and all the lovely gifts Father Christmas has given them.

Oaks class have begun their term by talking about winter and the changes a new season brings. They have made shimmery blue snowflakes and are hoping to see real ones this weekend! They made bird feeders in the woods this week and will be hanging them up for the birds, hoping that helps them to find things to eat in the winter.

Acorns and Pippins classes have been busy settling in new children and encouraging new friendships. We have been making lots of play-doh cakes and animals and have had lots of imaginative fun, making trains and heading off to the beach for warmer weather. They have made some lovely topic folders: Acorns class using stamps and paint whilst Pippins have used corks and paints. All are very keen to begin their topic of Our Favourite Stories next week!