Students with headteacher

Nursery News – Summer Term 2017 – Week 6

30th May 2017

Pippins class have been making the most of the sunny weather and our fantastic sandpit. Please can all children have sun cream and a hat when the weather is hot? We have been making hot air balloons using tissue paper and paper plates and then we used plastic cups wrapped in crèpe paper to make butterflies.

Acorns class have been also been enjoying the sunny weather with lots of water play outside, playing with boats and filling and emptying different sized pots. We have been painting our feet silver and making footprints, which we found very funny when the paint tickled our toes. These will become our space rockets.

Copthorne Prep - Nursery - Yoghurt People - May 2017Oaks class have been busily washing the dolls in water as well continuing with their sounds – the favourite one being ‘v’ as we went to the woods to make a cola ‘volcano’. The children also enjoyed making some colourful tissue paper ‘yoghurt people’. Lots of fun has been had playing team games such as ‘skittles’ and the children have recorded their scores themselves.