Students with headteacher

Nursery News – Summer Term 2017 – Week 7

11th June 2017

Pippins class have been making a splash in our new water tray this week. It was such fun using the nets to search for fish amongst the bubbly water! Also this week the children made some lovely owl pictures for the upcoming art exhibition.

Acorns class have been looking at lots of star pictures and using glitter to make some lovely stars. We have also made our own constellations by using star stickers on black paper, joining them up with a white pencil before naming them by
deciding what each picture looked like!

Oaks class have had great excitement this week with the arrival of 5 hungry caterpillars! We are going to look after them carefully and hope that in a few weeks’ time, they turn into 5 beautiful butterflies. The children have also been busy creating lovely Rainbow pictures for the upcoming art exhibition.