Students with headteacher

Nursery News – Week 11

3rd December 2016

We are all covered in glitter, glitter and more glitter! Our Christmas decorations are well under way, and we have made some beautiful glitter stars to display in the theatre for our Nativity play. Thank you for all the wonderful costumes supplied for the Nativity, we cannot wait for you to see our play! (Some Pippins children are not so sure about getting onto the stage … we will see what happens! It could be interesting as we have never had so many 2 year olds before!)

Pippins class have loved painting their feet for their Christmas cards and have been having so much fun with glitter, glue, paint and paper!

Acorns class have been making some sparkly clay Christmas tree decorations and have been sponge painting their own Christmas cards.

Oaks class have also been using lots of glitter and sparkle making their own cards.

They had great fun in the woods this week, using a bow saw to saw their own Christmas decorations and then used lots of glitter to cover the wood.