Students with headteacher

Nursery News – Week 2

17th September 2016

Pippins and Acorns have started their colours theme this week; they have collaged some lovely red circles and painted some paper plates, then using their fingers painted black spots to turn them into ladybirds.

We had a lovely session in the woods hunting for sticks and collecting acorns and leaves. We used the leaves and sticks mixed with water to make magic potions and sticks and ribbons for wands! Everybody had fun watching the ribbons dancing in the wind. We crushed blackberries between our fingers to make purple paint and then made patterns on the paper.

Oaks class have been talking about people who help us around the home. They have powder-mixed pictures of Mums, drawn around the hands of every member of their family and made a house mobile! In the woods this week, we made bubble acorn pipes and hunted for pictures of different woodlands animals.

Next week – people who help us around school – so Mr Jones and the kitchen staff should expect a visit from lots of friendly little faces eager to know what they do!