Students with headteacher

Nursery News – Week 9

19th November 2016

Oaks class have been looking at autumn this week and enjoying finger printing leaves on a tree picture. They had great fun in the woods looking at different colours and shapes of leaves. Having made shapes with twigs, sticks and leaves, they used ramps to find out if acorns and cones rolled faster than sticks.

Acorns class have been learning all about the different colours in a rainbow and have been attempting to paint their own bright rainbows. They also cut out different coloured wool strips and glued them on to a rainbow shape, complete with cotton wool fluffy clouds at both ends of the rainbow.

Pippins class have also been looking at rainbows and have decorated some clouds and made hanging rainbows, they used foam colours to decorate a rainbow Elmer the Elephant and used 100’s and 1000’s and icing to decorate biscuits.