Under the Sea and more letters

The Younger Nursery class have been continuing with their ‘Under the Sea’ topic and made some splendid starfish which they decorated with lentils and glue. They then made some pretty starfish on which they sprinkled multi-coloured sand. There has been lots of water play in the outdoor classroom and all the class enjoyed blowing bubbles with straws and washing up liquid.

The Older Nursery children have learnt the letter sounds; g,o,c and k this week. If you look on the window sills in each class you will see some rather funny looking little ‘grass head people’. We are hoping that if we care for them in the correct way they will grow some grassy hair!

Also this week we squeezed oranges and tasted the delicious juice, decorated kites with tissue paper and used potatoes to print some smart caterpillars which we sequenced dark and light green. We now have five little real life caterpillars to care for in the classroom and are learning all about the wonderful changes we are hoping to witness over the next few weeks.

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