Outdoors & Up For It

20 staff from the Pre-Prep & Nursery spent last Saturday in our woods learning how to make the most of the Great Outdoors for young children. We lit bonfires with a dragon sneezer and fairy blankets; we made cars, little people and mobiles using saws, loppers and string; we kept warm and dry under a bothy blanket; we made rope bridges and we used guttering and pipes to transfer water from the ‘well’ to a bucket. We laughed and learned a great deal, BUT some of us got wet as we were not properly dressed for the weather.

Waterproof clothing is essential, which is why you will find it on the uniform list for next term, as well as wellington boots. Please make sure your child is properly equipped, as we will be going outside in all weathers!

There will be second hand wellingtons for sale in the Uniform Shop, as well as the new waterproof suits.

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