Pictures for our mummies!

26th February 2016

The Older Nursery have been busy making beautiful paintings of their Mummies to hang in the Chapel for their Mother’s Day Service. So do make sure that you have a look around and spot your own picture; you may be surprised to see your hair and eye colours! The children have also used tinfoil and cardboard to make their own Magic Mirrors. Next week Little Red Riding Hood comes to the Older Nursery as our two week Book Week begins.

The Younger Nursery have been looking at The Three Little Pigs this week, with much huffing and puffing and blowing houses down as they test their own strength. They have also made their own story book by collaging their own houses from sticks, straw and bricks and painted some little pigs and helped to stick the pictures into the correct order. They also wanted to make some bigger pigs that the wolf would not be able to eat, so we used a variety of different materials to do so. We are already excited for next week when we shall be making our own little stickmen!