Pottery, Nativity and Paddy – all in a week’s work!

6th November 2015

The Nursery children really enjoyed painting their pottery presents, choosing their own items and in what colours – hopefully they will make wonderful presents for someone special this Christmas.

Nativity rehearsals have begun in earnest and we hope your children are delighting you with little sneak previews of some of the songs!

On Tuesday we had a visit from a friendly black Labrador puppy called Paddy. The kind lady from the Dogs’ Trust brought him in and spoke to the children about how to approach dogs safely, how to behave around them and how to stroke and pet them gently.

Also this week, the younger children have been learning the colour purple. They made some pretty kites which they collaged using tissue paper and glue whilst the older children learnt the letter ‘f’ for firework and made some yummy bonfire biscuits.