Pippins class have been using their handprints to make chicken pictures this week. We talked about how the paint felt on our hands and all agreed it was cold! Next week we start our ‘wild animal’ topic and are looking forward to making our ‘rumble in the jungle’ display.

Acorns class have been pretending to be soldiers, marching around to Grand Old Duke of York! We have used our photographs to make our own soldiers, painted hills and used felt tip pens to colour horses. We have had a lot of fun hiding in the tent in the role play area and creating our own dens.

Oaks class had great fun in Forest Schools this week: they split into 4 teams and had to go on a hunt for toy superheroes, some had climbed up trees! Afterwards the children made their superhero a ‘super den’ using natural materials found in the woods.

Each week on a table in the classroom will be ‘finger gym’ activities to encourage development of the children’s fine motor skills in preparation to hold and write with a pencil correctly. This week, the children had a challenge to ‘release the superheroes’ which involved threading (then rethreading) wool through small holes on a picture. At Francis Court, the residents and children used Lego to create buildings for their superheroes to fly over. They also modelled characters out of play dough.