Pippins class have made a fantastic ‘rumble in the jungle’ display this week and talking about all the different. We have also made some rather fierce lions using fur and handprints and some friendly elephants with old milk bottles   and tissue paper.

This week Acorns class have been busy counting currant buns as we learnt the song “5 currant buns in a bakers shop”.  We turned our role play area into a bakery, collaged some buns, decorated pennies and panned for gold in the sand. We also baked some delicious currant buns ourselves!

Oaks class have been enjoying playing ‘Superheroes’ and responding to ‘incidents’ using the new ‘Superheroes’ Headquarters’ in the role play area. At Francis Court the children and residents have been creative and learnt about mixing colours together to paint their own Superhero and in Forest Schools this week, the children worked together to create a huge ‘Forest Hero’ with sticks and leaves.