Students with headteacher

The colour yellow

29th September 2017

Pippins class have been learning the colour yellow this week. We had lots of fun printing with bananas and are some buzzy bees with our footprints! We also made some bright yellow stars using collage materials and glue. Next week we will be learning the colour green and the rectangle shape. 

Acorns class have been looking at different forms of transport as well as learning the song ‘The Wheels on the Bus’ and making our own buses painting old boxes! We have been on many adventures in our own giant box bus, visiting the beach, a swimming pool and even been to see Elsa and Anna in Arendelle. We have created a lovely bus display complete with our own photographs in the windows!

Oaks class have been learning about the important and hard work doctors and nurses do. The role play area has been turned into a doctor’s surgery and the children have had lots of fun practising their bandaging on each other! We were delighted to have had a visit from Max’s mother, Dr. Lowe who told us all about being a doctor. We had fun listening to each other’s heartbeats with a real stethoscope. Next week we will be learning about the work of a vet.