Students with headteacher

The Nursery have been busy

5th February 2018

Pippins Class have continued to have fun learn learning all about wild animals this week. We enjoyed using marbles dipped in black paint to roll over horses and watch them magically turn into zebras! We also used milk bottles to make multi-coloured elephants and went on a wild animal hunt to find camouflaged tigers, zebras and leopards!

Acorns class have been reading ‘The Hungry Caterpillar’ this week. We have used green wool to lace around a leaf whilst sticking a little egg on it. We stuck down green circles to make caterpil-lars in a lovely maths activity and we used bright coloured paint spread around paper to make stunning butterflies. In the woods we hole punched leaves and threaded wool through them.

Oaks class have been learning about special powers needed to be a superhero. They have been busy making their own stick superheroes in Forest School and fabric ones for the classroom. The children had lots of fun designing individual masks and next week we will be making fruit kebabs suitable for all ‘superheroes’.