Students with headteacher

The Superheroes Nursery!

29th January 2016

Are you in danger? Is the cat stuck up a tree? Fear not! The children in the Upper Nursery have been Superheroes all week! Each one not only decoded what their superpower would be but also how they would use it to help others. Stanley has the power to shoot water from his hands to put out fires, George produces huge rocks to throw at the baddies and Tilly swims fast under the water to save people stuck at sea! Have a look at the big display board in the classroom to find all of these brave heroes.

Meanwhile in the younger class the smell of gingerbread has been tempting us all. The children have had fun reading the story of the Gingerbread Man this week and have made some delicious biscuits which they shaped into little men. They were all anxious to see if they would run out of the oven but relieved to find that they were safely on the baking tray!