Students with headteacher

‘Transforming young lives’

8th March 2019

I was lucky enough to attend this incredibly insightful and forward thinking conference at Christ’s Hospital.

It began with a thought provoking speech from Jim Gamble (Senior British Police Officer) on the challenge of safeguarding in the digital world. He talked about the importance of teaching young children to have strong passwords – ‘stronger is longer!’ and how it can be as easy as showing them a picture and getting them to circle three items then using those three items in a password. With the older pupils he explained that we should not be saying ‘what goes online stays online’ as this takes hope away from those children who make mistakes and there are ways to    get images removed or encrypted. The current Apps that parents need to be   aware of are; ‘Kik’ tiktok (formerly musicaly), ‘askfm’ and ‘omegle’; all of these are known to predators.

This was followed by a forward thinking Housemaster from Tonbridge School who talked about the art of practising mindfulness and how it can help pupils in everyday life. Richard Burnett himself has used it for over 20 years and it has transformed his life and also his health. This struck a real chord with me as I strongly believe that the stresses we place in our minds are directly linked to ailments we feel.

Mrs Lee