The Younger Nursery children have been thoroughly enjoying the start of their dinosaur topic. They have been learning lots of different dinosaur facts and had many laughs when creating their own dinosaur names by adding ‘osaurus’ to the end of their names. We used paper plates, paint and card to create different coloured spotty Brachiosaurus’ which are proudly displayed in the class. We have also been finger painting some dinosaur landscapes and learning that dinosaur begins with a ‘d’.

The Older Nursery have been continuing their RWI theme, they have been building tall towers for ‘t’ and fingerprinting insects for ‘i’. They went on an exciting insect hunt and found a few interesting creatures.

They have also been painting pasta to make their own necklaces for ‘p’ and ‘n’ and have decided to make them into royal jewels to celebrate our Queen’s birthday.

Mrs Lumley and Miss Heasman wanted to say a special well done to all the older nursery swimmers, they are all making such good progress and should be very proud of themselves.