Visiting LadyLand Farm

27th May 2016

The Younger Nursery have been sculpting their own dinosaur bones from clay, making a variety of different sizes and, once dry, they were painted white!

They also used toothpicks to dig out the chocolate chips in cookies, whilst talking about how careful we must be and comparing it to digging up dinosaur fossils and bones … lots of budding archaeologists! The Older Nursery’s activities have all been farm related. They have painted horses for the letter h and have been looking at 2 letters 1 sound with ch and sh they have made their own chicks and sheep.

The Nursery had a lovely day out at Ladyland Farm on Thursday. The children were fascinated and entertained by both the farmers and the animals with particular favourites being feeding the goats, holding the chicks and giving the calves their bottles of milk. We were lucky enough to finish off the day with the bumpiest of tractor rides around the farm and a play on the largest haystack the children have ever seen.