Visiting Ladyland Farm

Weekly Newsletter NoThe Nursery Children had a lovely outing on Tuesday when we went to Ladyland Farm.

We were all farmers for the day and got involved in feeding all the baby animals. We gave the calves their milk from a baby’s bottle and the baby goats nibbled kibble from our hands. We also cuddled rabbits, chicks and stroked the sheep. There were some grumpy pigs fighting over food, a family of Shetland ponies and an old tortoise. At the end of the visit the children had the

opportunity to go on a tractor ride and to play in the big field where we climbed on huge hay bales and old tractors and hid in tyres and barrels. Everyone was exhausted but happy!

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One thought on “Visiting Ladyland Farm

  1. Hello, can we have copies of the pictures taken please? Thanks Natalie (Tilly Lethbridge’s mum)

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