This week the children in Pippins class have been learning the colour purple. We decorated purple triangles with all sorts of different textured materials and then made some funny octopuses with curly tentacles. We have also been making towers with wooden blocks and seeing how tall we can build them before they fall over! 

The children in Acorns class have been singing ‘5 currant buns’. We have collaged currant buns, using a variety of materials and have decorated some very sparkly pennies! We have been working on our counting, using currant buns adding one and taking one away and seeing what is left. We also had a lovely walk around the woods in Forest School jumping in lots of squelchy mud! 

In Oaks this week, the children have been talking about the beautiful fireworks they saw at the weekend and we made an edible bonfire biscuit with marshmallows and chocolate matchmakers! We have also been discussing the wearing of poppies and took part with the rest of the school in the two minutes silence outside the chapel.