Pippins have been having a week of planting! First we made some grass heads and then we planted sunflowers. Hopefully they will start to grow very soon and anyway we had great fun playing with the leftover soil!

Acorns have been looking at our wonderful Planet Earth. We have painted our own versions of the Earth and have been talking about how we can help save the Earth by recycling, turning off lights and conserving water. We have also been looking at some of the other planets, leaning their names and a little about them.

Oaks have been full of enthusiasm in learning their letter sounds this week; t,i,n,p. On Monday the final group of children this year to visit Francis Court made their way excitedly on the school minibus and met with the residents, eager to make new friends! They stuck green tissue paper on a paper plate to create a turtle to link in with ‘t’ and completed some jigsaw puzzles together.

In Forest Schools the children practised their threading skills by making a leaf mobile.

The Daily Mile has proved a big success and on Tuesday it is followed by a session in the sports hall or, if nice and sunny, on the field. The parachute made an appearance this week much to the children’s delight!